The Gift Of A Garden

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:02 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

One of the things I love about growing from seed is that you always end up with masses of spare plants for not a large cost. 

This year I had intentions of selling the spares to recoup a few costs but then came the opportunity to give them away. 

Haven has moved schools but before she left, one of her past teachers asked me if I was growing tomatoes again this year. I gave her some last year and she had a bumper crop while mine succumbed to blight. I was able to give her a whole new batch this year. 

Had more to give to our neighbour who is getting into gardening. I also love sharing gardening tips and just generally chatting about gardens with him too. 

My favourite plant gift this year was for some really good friends.  They just moved houses and had a small garden to plant. On the weekend, between bouts of rain, I was able to plant out their garden with lettuce, tomatoes, silverbeet and cucumber. All from our greenhouse and free of charge. 

Starting a small garden can be expensive by the time you buy fertliser, plants, mulch, snail bait etc. It all adds up but when you have it for your own garden, it's not that costly setting up a new bed as you only use small amounts of everything.  You don't have that big outlay. 

We got to have a great chat while putting it in and I will be able to help them along as it grows. This is their garden. Got it in just before the hail! Luckily no damage to the garden otherwise their first gardening lesson would have been what not to do!

The Gift Of A Garden