The Gift of Growing


Date:13 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The popcorn corn I started (what I thought was well after my sweetcorn) has almost caught up in growth therefore making me very nervous about cross pollination. So I've decided to start a new batch of popcorn. 

After the frosts we've had I knew they'd be some people who would have lost their precious seedlings, so I decided to do a little giveaway on my FB page I have to advertise when I'm selling veges and indoor plants at my stall. All the popcorn seedlings were added to the goodie box, as well as some other spare plants - tomatoes, kamo kamo and zuchinni.

After about 66 entries I drew the winner last night at random and delivered her box of seedlings this morning, she was really chuffed!

There was one entry that stood out, a woman had not long lost her husband and hasn't managed to get her garden sorted yet. Unfortunely her name wasn't drawn (I was hoping it would be her name picked, but I had to be fair and draw it at random), so I sent her a message and asked if she'd like the other 5 spare tomato seedlings I had. She was so grateful I had thought of her, and hearing her story of her husbands 18 month long battle with cancer, and only passing away 3 weeks ago broke my heart even more. As she said these being gifted to her will give her the push she needs to get her tunnelhouse sorted. I've also added a few indoor plants to give to her, which I hope will be a nice surprise when she picks them up later on today. 

It's not much at all I gave away, but giving people the gift of growing and putting a smile on their faces are the two best things I reckon! 

The Gift of Growing