The Irony

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:12 Apr 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I can only laugh. After struggling in spring to germinate tomatoes, we had success within a week for our winter greenhouse experiment. Likewise with a number of other seeds. No double sowing so far. 

The school holidays are somewhat disappointing weatherwise once again, but I have managed to potter in between showers. The beans that I was drying for friends have been harvested. The potatoes have had another layer of straw added (finding this a much easier way than mounding with soil). The broad beans are slowly coming up (directly sown), as are the peas in the buckets. More beetroot has popped up (again directly sown...I thin and plant elsewhere once big enough). The cauli/broc/cabbage/spinach/onions and a few other things are still safe in their seedraising trays/pots, and will be for a few more weeks yet.

And the garden continues to feed us. We still have 2 tomato plants in. The capsicums are slowing, and the glut is almost over. The zucchinis are producing lots of little ones, but the growth rate is certainly much slower....just enough to add to a meal here and there. 

After a slow start with our kumara, they are looking pretty healthy. So much so that we are having to pile the leaves back on themselves to stop them taking root elsewhere. With prices so high, we will leave them as long as we can to get the best harvest we can (I am definitely not renowned for my patience with harvesting these but know timewise, I need to wait another month). 







The Irony