The last episode in the kumara drama...

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:02 May 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

... and it was a bit of a drama this season. Just like the lack of strawberry plants in spring this year (thank you Sarah for coming to my rescue, we have had strawberries for months now) I could not locate kumara slips anywhere.

I gave up and planted some peppers in my prepped kumara beds and then a week later stumbled across some slips in a local garden centre. The peppers were transplanted and two small rows of kumara were put in. Six months later we dug 16 kilo of kumara - some really good sized and some a bit smaller - but a crop we are really happy with. 

Kumara are much like potato in that you never know what is under there and it's always exciting to unearth them and discover what is under the soil. The photo doesn't really do the harvest justice - these will keep us in kumara for a few months or more.

The last episode in the kumara drama...