The Mixed Bag

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:11 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today started off really well, and ended really well. The middle...not so good.

This morning I potted around setting up a few support frames for the vining squashes, then the kids and I popped into mitre 10 to grab a few things to tidy up the three side veggie gardens. Not far from home we stopped to get some money out for my friend's son who is selling sheep manure to raise money for a new bike. That is when disaster struck. A car reversing out of a car park didn't see us, and swing too wide and got the back of my car. It was a big thud so I was very anxious getting out of the car. It took a bit of time for me to register that despite the impact, it wasn't as bad as it felt at the time. After getting details etc, I got home and was actually able to push the dent out myself, and except for the crack that I've spotted under the back bumper, it isn't actually noticeable. I will talk to insurance broker on Monday though and get sorted properly. In regards to us, it was on my youngest side. I he got a bit of a fright, and will have to keep an eye on the side of his neck. My oldest, not so bad, 

After sussing things out, and ringing hubby at work, I actually potted in the garden and put down some bark between the beds. Best therapy. When hubby got home, he screwed the edging on that the boys and I had bought earlier, and then proceeded to move the tomato frame. This involves unscrewing the side frames and walking it out. This is always a tricky job, and we knew the chances of the over hanging bits breaking were high (just pine stakes). We were right. A couple  broke straight away. We were about to pop in the car to get more, and I jokingly suggested a random piece of fencing. It was a perfect fit, and now we are wondering why we didn't use it in the first place. We then had to raid the only other one that was long enough....the chicken ramp (we screwed 2 shorter ones together to replace their ramp. We have an older chook and she can't have a steep ramp). I then found what I now know was an attachment made for the trailer so the sail for Connor's yacht could go on a few years ago. So not only did we fix it at no cost, but cleared up some random scraps lying around the place. Win win. 


The Mixed Bag