Thirsty Thursday Thoughts


Date:20 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

We finally have the sunflowers sprouted! The greenhouse is full of alsorts of different plants beneficial to our garden being successful by attracting bees and other pollinating insects and distracting the nuisance and not so beneficial insects. 

This includes the vegetables themselves and flowering plants like marigold, nasturtium,  sunflowers, cornflower, poppies, calendula and more. We also have herbs being grown, thyme, rosemary, sage and Basil to plant around the gardens and our Kūmara are slowly growing Tipu for us to plant in the garden soon, potatoes are sprouting and growing and I have added comfrey to our list of beneficial plants to grow and obtained some lidded buckets to clean out and fill with weeds and comfrey and seaweed and lambs and chicken poop to make our own liquid fertiliser. This will ensure our plants have plenty of good nutrients in months to come and water stored for those hot days summer will bring. I have looked at rain water collection units and am very keen to add one to our little paradise so we can have a back up when the heat of summer brings a drought. Long term plans definitely.  But also food for thought. 

Hopefully your gardens are coming along as good as mine are !

Thirsty Thursday Thoughts