This week in summary.


Date:22 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

With the fantastic weather we have been having the tomatoes have coming in fast. This afternoon was relish making again. A few bags of cherry toms frozen forr pasta dishes. And still 3 or 4 kg to process next weekend. 

Theblastbof the corn was eaten during the week, so the stalks were all cut down so the butternut can take over the space now. The butternut was hit with powdery mildew early so not too sure how this will turn out. The nz yams below the corn is doingvwellbsnd is now open to the sun more. The beans did not do well up the stalks as in the 3 sisters method. I think this would be better suited if growing popcorn or the drier cornmeal type varieties as the have a longer season. The corn was not the best crop this year. Next year I will grow it around the corner where the peppers are.

Gem squash is loosing against the mildew, but zucchini seems to be gaining ground and recovering.

Peppers are doing better now, a little spider mite infestation needs a bit of action from Yates maverick. 

Yesterday we went to see Sarah and her Garden. It was a  great morning trip. A lot of hard work has been put in and the environment is quite windy. Wind breaks have a big job to do! It was great to see how we all have good and not so good crops and we all have challenges to overcome. The garden is wonderfully organized and well designed to allow crop rotation, easy access to the centre of the beds and addition of covers or posts, trellises and any supports look easily addable. There is no doubt the win is the view though! All the best veg in the world can't beat that !

This week in summary.