Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:01 Oct 2023

I learned so much last season with the Yates Spring Vege Growing Challenge and really went down a wonderful rabbit hole studying up on companion planting and being echo friendly. Considering doing the Open Polytecs Certificate in  orgainc Horticulture  with in mind of setting up a small purely organics nursery that people can come to if they are in need of seedlings etc for their gardens.

 I think it would be helpful to have some kind of official 'cred', especially with following my ethos for organically grown earth friendly products and produce. But I dont know if it is essential.  

I used to as a teenager work in a garden centre down Nelson way ... lots of pricking out and a flat full of free flying budgies a customer kept bring me as gifts is all I can recall from that experience. And my parents garden was filled with things that got a bit too leggy to sell ... wallflowers i recall that were about to be thrown out absolutely thrived in my parents garden and the fragrance wafting into the diningroom was lovely.

My grandmother converted her top vege garden into a space where we grew flowers that my mother and I would bunch up and sell at the Saturday market, cornflowers, violets, bellis daisies  etc... helped pay for my first year in teachers college. 

A few months ago my mother commented that she regretted I had not gone down the 'nursery career' route saying I would have been very good at it. So that comment has been perculating in my mind. 

Would be good to be able to share my passion with the wider community. 

My landlord ok'd last season to set up a stall for excess produce and seedlings, only the storms hit and we ended not having any. Though he doesnt see the point of extra study to use up the little time I have available each day when I COULD be using that time to be out there actually 'living'. 

Interested in your thoughts.