Tilling Time

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:01 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

We have already buried some early potatoes in tyres.

SH (Super Husband) and I had a bit of a planning session last month and decided that, while our preferred long keeper potato is Agria, we'd like an early potato for delicious buttery new potatoes and potato salads in the spring. So 3 weeks ago we planted some Rocket into tyres to give me something to tickle late spring/early summer. The leaves are just poking through and we have had to cover them over two frosty nights in the past week. 

But tomorrow the main crop will go in. Three rows of our fave agria. First though will be a till with SH's recently acquired rotary hoe. It's just a little hoe, but it does an awesome job and has made all the difference to our root crops. The photo below is of the metal guards SH has made to stop the soil going all over our stone paths while he hoes. They're all set for the big dig tomorrow. I'll sprinkle some potato fertiliser before he fires up the machine and hopefully give our babies a good start in life.  
Happy Spring to you all!

Tilling Time