Toilet Roll Carrots. The Summary.


Date:05 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This is a summary of the experiment.

The purpose was to find a way to transplant peppers safely without disturbing the roots, so as to get plants that are a little bigger that I can better protect from the bugs.

The method was to germinate the carrots in toilet rolls and grow to a safe size.

Improvement from the first set in the second showing was to plant both carrots and spring onions together.

Planting the whole toilet roll was easy, did learn to line the tray with cling film with extended edges so easier to get out, but placing a roll in a 6 cell punnet is the best way.

Carrots were a short experimental variety, and the latest batch, just germinated and still small, are in the photo, are a longer type to see how suitable longer varieties are,mand being summer a more heat tolerant Yates Magestic Red has been chosen.

In conclusion, I am writing this down as a success.

Toilet Roll Carrots. The Summary.