Transplanting Tomatoes complete... Well almost!


Date:01 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today I managed to get out all the tomatoes. About half are repeats from last year, and they were chosen for taste, preferred use and how well they grew in my garden.. A few great tomatoes were replaced just because they crossed over too much in there usefulness.

Money maker are 2 that did not make it into the garden. The plants both had  black spots on them, no others did and  I triple checked them all. They went in the green bin for removal. I was given some Blue Beauty seeds, these have been sown as replacements.

I did my transplanted lettuces to make pots of mesculen salad. I also planted out the carrot toilet rolls laced with slug bait.

The area for the hydroponic lettuce is cleared up. 

This week's job is to clean and pack away the seedling pots trays and the bucket s are full and there are still many more to be planted. Beans, cucumber and Zuchinni, along with more marigold, alyssum and nasturtians.

Kumara is starting to sprout finally and the yams are sprouting too so there will be plenty to do next week, along with washing the gutters eves and windows. 

Transplanting Tomatoes complete... Well almost!