Date:05 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

We woke up to a frost this morning, which wasn't unexpected, I knew it was coming. The plastic covers I put on my tender seedlings worked well luckily, and nothing is damaged, phew! 

The bed in my photo has terrible soil, I assume it was a sandpit for a previous owners children as its very sandy. When we bought our property it had some strawberries, roses and a few herbs growing it in, they seemed to be doing OK so I left them as is. 

The bed had to be moved when we built our second tunnelhouse so I pulled everything out and relocated the bed, adding a bit of compost at the same time. I had carrots growing in there last that don't mind a bit of sandy soil, but even growing them over the cooler months with rain they became woody and went to seed very fast, as of course a sandy soil doesn't retain water very well. 

The bed has been very neglected soil wise and I have haven't used it much since relocating it - apart from trying Strawberries again, which didn't do very well. So my mission now is to feed this bed as much as possible and make it productive again. 

I've decided to try trenching in this bed, I've read so many positive things about it - which is essentially composting straight into the soil. I pulled out some Silverbeet that was past it or needed the space, dug a trench and popped it in, then covered it with the soil. I will continue to add kitchen scraps, garden waste and any other organic matter I can source until its full, then cover it with peastraw and let it do it's thing. Hopefully after a while I will have beauitul soil that I can grow in!