Unplug the electric blanket and plug in the fan

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:14 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Wow it was hotter today than yesterday, but I coped so well , I'm shattered now but in a feel good way . 
I took 8 buckets to the growers market sweet peas , perennial sweet peas , larkspur , lambs ear , echinops , craspidia , forget me knots , and dusty Miller .  Thank goodness for the air con in the car . 

came home had lunch and chill time.

This afternoon I spent a fair amount of time watering it's much hotter this year than last at the same time I'm. Sure , I'm so happy with the no dig process , plants cope a lot better . 

And a wee word of warning, check your strawberries I had to chuck six's that had gone moldy , I still got a breakfast bowl full , Jamison washed them we ate some and chucked the rest in the frezzor , this is going to be my best friend this season ,  lots of small harvest especially berries , stone fruit and tomatoes. Littlest amount of work to save the most risky if the power goes out . 

Unplug the electric blanket and plug in the fan