Ups and bloody hell December hail....faark.


Date:12 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

A beautiful start to the day, I moved some kumara because the full sun spot I chose is actually almost a no sun spot because the grape vine grew ALOT! Not sure they will survive so I hedged my bets and moved a few leaving a few to there not much sun.

I tied up tomatos and put covers out...which is lucky. I am typing this as I watch hail decimate my plums. :( luckily I had enough notice to put uo hail protection over potatos and tomatos, my corn is too tall for my protection now so I'm hoping it is sheltered enough with the house where it far so good.

I harvested more snow peas and strawberries this morning and I was just about to go direct sow some more peas when the hail let perhaps another day.

I finally caught a tui on my flax and well the picture just doesn't do justice....this wee chap flew straight into me later on as young tui seem to do after a morning drinking 🤣

As for this December weather I'm pretty sure I can't publish what I want to say about December hail as it includes the vocabulary of a pirate!

Ups and bloody hell December hail....faark.