Using space well


Date:01 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This morning was spent planting out more seedlings that were ready, they have been hardened off well and spent the last two nights outside over night, so it was time to plant them in there forever home.

I planted a few punnets of rainbow silverbeet, lettuce, khol rabi, bok choy and spinach. I had no real plan where they were going to go, but I have a mental idea in my head where all my summer crops are going to be planted so I just avoided those areas. 

When planting out, other things I have to think about is;

  • Some beds aren't deep enough to grow long carrots and parsnips in, so I have to leave those few beds for those.
  • In my outside gardens, my irrigation are wee sprinklers that spin, so no tall plants can be planted near those or they stop the whole garden being watered.
  • My bigger beds are huge, and to stop compacting the soil by trampling on it, I need to leave paths I can walk down. I did have these sorted last season, but the strong winds we've had has blown the peastraw everywhere, so not very clear at the moment! 

And lastly, after taking the tour around Neil's garden it got me thinking, he, like many of you in this community use your garden spaces well and pack so much into each bed and still have great harvests. I'm very fortunate to have a large garden and plenty of space, but I don't always 'use' the space well. 

To make the most of my garden I need to think about;

  • Tall crops interplanted with smaller crops 
  • Crops that stay in the ground a long time interplanted with crops that have a short harvest time
  • Heavy feeders interplanted with crops that aren't, and that have shallow roots. 
  • Get better with spacing, most of the time I plant things far too close together and other times miles away.

So today, I thought about all these things and planted the lettuce in between the larger plants, which will also offer them shade when they're larger and it's hot. I still don't think I nailed the spacing, but baby steps right!

I had to giggle when I went to plant the spinach, one thing is not like the others! How on earth that happened is beyond me 😂. 

 Using space well