Veggies All The Way

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:12 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

When you wake up to completely blue sky, it is definitely much easier to get up and kick start the day early. Whether it remains like that throughout the day is always a gamble in Northland, but it is still a nice start to the day nonetheless. While we have had some rain over the past week, we’ve also had intermittent days of complete blue which is so good to see. Hopefully a few more weeks like this, and our lawn will be dry again.

With the sun rising early at the moment, the whole house is starting to stir much earlier as well. It is not necessarily a bad thing, as I have also used the opportunity this morning to quickly throw some baking on, and attack the washing pile, before doing my garden tasks. Growing up I use to think my mum was crazy doing things like that before work. Now I have more of an understanding and appreciation as to why she did it.

The last two mornings has seen a continuation of seed sowing.  Yesterday I focused on getting the cucumbers (tender green and Tasty Queen-I decided to put an F1 in with a hope that it is more mildew resistent), gherkins (Eureka Hybrid) and zucchinis (Solar Flare/Black Beauty/a scallopini and a zucchetta) in. This morning I sowed beetroot (Crimson Globe), squash (Jade and Orange Dawn - again F1 varieties that are meant to be more resistant to powdery mildew), and sunflowers (an unknown/Little Ted/Autumn Beauty). I also think I will locate my Shades of Bronze seeds as I love the colour variation, and the multitude of flowers on each plant. 

With snacks for lunch boxes sorted, washing done, and my seeds sown this morning, it meant that this afternoon, I got to attack the otherside of gardening-ensuring that we use up as much of the garden produce as we can. Tonight's menu included an asparagus and feta frittata; coleslaw; and our cauli with cheese sauce. With an abundance of eggs at the moment, I was also able to wack a bacon and egg pie into the oven ready for lunches tomorrow. 


Veggies All The Way