Waitangi Beetroot.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:06 Feb 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

A day off and no real plans other than a bit of weeding early before the heat set in. 

Then I looked at the beetroot and decided it could probably be pulled before it toughens. So beetroot pulled, leaves trimmed, beetroot boiled in the big preserving pan, peeled and sliced.

Vinegar, sugar and water boiled in aforementioned pan, beetroot back in and then bottled into sterilised jars. 

It was a team effort. SH enjoyed sliding the skins off the hot beetroot while I sliced and he is the master of making sure the preserving lids are screwed down nice and tight.

We still have four large jars from last year so this will keep us going well into 2025. Beetroot is one of those things that is always in our fridge and whenever we have a salad it's either chopped on top or on the table as a side dish.

We harvested 7 kilos today and I was able to spare a couple of kilo for a beetroot loving friend. Grown from seed this is a very rewarding and cost-effective vegetable and is also beautiful roasted. My beetroot of choice is Yates Cylindra - it slices into perfect rounds and tastes gorgeous.

Waitangi Beetroot.