Welcome to Winter

Gardener:Sarah the Gardener from Yates

Date:31 May 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Goodness knows what this season will bring us with all of the topsy turvey behaviour we have had from the weather this year.  Maybe this will be the great reset and it will be cold and wet with clear frost blue sky days just like we expect it to be, and things revert back to the old ways.  Or it will continue being strange and we get warm weather, continuing with too much rain or maybe just to be different we’ll have a drought?  Your guess is as good as mine. 

I try to keep an eye on the weather forecast, but to be honest there doesn't seem much point lately.  I check at the start of the week to see loads of sunny icons stretching ahead and then I check the next day and some storm or other has popped up from nowhere.  I have a message for the Metservice…”please don’t take my sunshine’s away!”

May disappeared in a bit of a blur for me, in spite of my best intentions to make the month count.  The number of gardenable days was limited by the weather and by computer gardening, making me a slave to the keyboard and not the rake!   But I did get my cover crops in, and almost everything that needed it came out. 

With my handy helper we have been through the entire garden and given it a deep sort out, so all going well, aside from a few expected projects like sorting out the strawberries and the asparagus, this month the garden should just tick over without putting too many demands on me.  Having said that there are some grand plans… There are always grand plans.

I want to have another go at fruit trees, without killing them.  I’ve killed too many since we moved here by the coast and I’m not in a hurry to add to the list.  I asked for an espalier frame for Mother’s Day – so Hubby the Un-Gardener has to do it for me.  I figure if I can keep the trees short then they will be easier to protect from the wind.  All going well my July photo will be a picture of the new set up.  There I said it.

Now we’re in winter, it is a good time to stay warm and dry and make plans.  You may feel like there is plenty of time – but those winter months whiz by and before you know it we will be knocking on the door of spring.  Go back through your blogs, photos and notes and remind yourself the garden in the midst of the growing season.  What worked well? what didn’t? what changes would you like to make? And set about putting plans in place.  This could be an actual plan on paper with lists, or you could be bold and grab a raincoat and start making dramatic changes in the garden so you are spring ready when the time comes.  Winter is an exciting time – it is a time when dreams are dreamed.

What will you be doing in your garden this winter?

As always if you have any problems or anything you need help with or if you want to get in touch leave a comment below.  I’ll be here on the rainy days, checking on things.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

Welcome to Winter