Wet, wet, wet!


Date:21 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

By goodness we've had some rain. Luckily our place wasn't affected too badly, but we now have a pond in one paddock and a stream in another. Others, only a few minutes from us who have waterways on their properties aren't so lucky, whole paddocks are under water. The rain has stopped now thankfully, but the rivers are still rising, hopefully there's not too much more damage done. 

Everything is so damp, I can't get out into the garden yet, but I am finally able to start hardening off my brassicas and peas, now that the wind and rain have stopped.

In the past when I've planted my brassicas this time of the year I've had huge trouble with them going into shock once they're in the ground. As I've mentioned, the wind can batter my garden, so I want them hardened off well to try and minimise the sulking. They will also need potted into bigger containers soon, possibly a job for this weekend. 

Wet, wet, wet!