When checking 3 times means nothing

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:03 Nov 2023

Well I checked 3 different weather forecasts and there was a bit of fluctuation but I only needed a 3 hour window so I got out and did some weed spraying, 

I had just cleaned the sprayer and put it away , popped into the tunnel house to tie up sweet peas and pick strawberries and the rain came , the spray was barely on for 30 mins before the rain , sakes I say , most likely a wasted effort . 

But not to be deterred I potted on the capsicums that I blogged about earlier , sent some home with my daughter have decided to keep 21 and take the rest to the sharing shed wrapped in paper . 

This weekend I will get the rest of my goodies planted , they are all out in the rain for the night . 


When checking 3 times means nothing