Wild Spring weather


Date:26 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

You've probably seen on the news snow has hit the South and it's blanketed some parts, but we've got away fairly lightly so far, being pretty much at sea level.

I had to make an SOS call to hubby yesterday, we had strong winds that blew part of the cover off my brassicas. Luckily he was in his office so could come help me put it back on, as there was no way I could do it by myself in the wind. 

This morning we've had snow flurrys, hail, sun, thunder and lightening and wind. I'm so thankful we managed to secure the cover back on my freshly planted brassicas as its offered protection from the hail. 

Interestingly enough when I dropped the kids off to school this morning, the roads near their school (3 mins away), were covered in slushy snow and hail but our road is clear. 

I was a bit worried about my tender seedlings in the greenhouse, especially the cucumbers who can sulk, but thank goodness everything is looking great! I gave everything a good water two days ago on purpose, as I knew this blast was coming and didn't want to have to water them in this cold weather. It could have shocked them and cooled down the soil temp in their pots. 

At the moment MetService is telling me its 5 degrees, but feels like - 1, and I quite agree, she's cold! I'm so happy I held of planting, but I feel I'm still a while off being able to do so safely (for the seedlings that are going outside) , and I'd rather wait for the soil temps to rise again. And I'm OK with that 😊. 


 Wild Spring weather