Winter is time to refresh the beds.


Date:25 Jun 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Pepper in a can challange is going well. Surprisingly I have not had one fail. (Touch wood) Purple UFO has fruit now, and this ensures next years supply of seeds, with will hopefully be an improved can version.. Biquinho is my favourite shape and full of ripe fruit. Costa Rica is still not setting fruit, so trying a lower temperature to see if likes a cooler climate. There are a few more I will write about another day.

Now that things have slowed, the pepper bed cover crops have been cut down, covered in fresh compost, layered with pea straw and added leaf mould on top. Looking at all the do and don't about locking up nitrogen I figure multi levels of nitrogen rich and nitrogen consumers should even it out. I will also use Thrive seaweed and fish emulsion on the resting bed, as the bacteria that break down the leaf mould will need it to do their job. The poly tunnel cover frame was also assembled yesterday and once I am happy with the mulch layers I will pop the cover on the keep the soil nice and warm.

Hope everyone is safe and dry, not getting battered with the weather this weekend. 

Winter is time to refresh the beds.