Winter Weekends


Date:02 Jul 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Between showers the lovely blue skies let us get a few tasks done.

The Thaihitian line has done well again this year, giving us a about 2 dozen lines today. We have been picking the odd few for drinks and roast chickens few the last few months. There are still lots on the tree. Next weekends job will be to report it. Hopefully saving the pot.

My winter grown potatoes seem healthy. Hopefully a nice spring meal with freshly dug new potatoes in September.

Still have a corner of fence to paint. Just need a dry weekend!

As the last of the veg come out of the garden, I add a layer of compost and then pea straw and too with leaf mould. These spaces will provide the spring planting areas. There is still plenty going on with red cabbages starting to head up, cauliflower is starting to flower, broad beans doing well and peas not. Leeks are ready for picking. Cayenne chilli plants that were a germination experiment, (turns out, potting soil, seed raising mix, plus both with different variations of vermiculite/perlite made no difference to the seedling health or size over 8 weeks,) are doing well out in the cold garden. Onions are growing there leaves, getting bigger untill we reach 12 hours, or for some 14 hours of daylight, when they will bulb up.

Hope you are all well, safe, warm and dry!


Winter Weekends