Winter Winners

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:19 Aug 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Despite my intentions of getting a few seeds in now, that has had to be put on hold for the craziness of life in general. As always, we will get there....and I think I see a gap next Sunday.

Currently, I am at home in bed. Usual scenario of juggling sick family for a couple of weeks, and then finally succumbing to winter bugs myself. I'm not missing much outside though as another front is moving in.

In between the normal swimming, hockey and work, I was asked to help at the Oceania Hockey Tournament here last week alongside my mother. While it made for very long days,  we were honoured to be asked, and it was fun seeing so many familiar faces from my childhood. It was an enjoyable occasion with my boys even getting to meet some of my dad's friends (and score tickets to the VIP section while their mother worked).

While I continue to run around like crazy, the garden has continued to flourish, and going by photos from previous years, much better than some years.  Based on the amount of rain we've had and the lack of sunshine, this was somewhat unexpected. We are often later harvesting our winter produce than some. It is because we sow later as generally our season up here in summer is longer so generally speaking we are not constrained by the same short summer (2022/23 aside).

Currently, the biggest success would have to be our cherry tomatoes. In a months time, I think I will move them to the porch full time to make space in our green house. The over wintered capsicum is flowering too. And for the first time ever, we've started harvesting asparagus (just a few random ones that popped up). And now the chooks are laying again, I am hanging out to make a quiche with both.

Our broadbeans are looking amazing too, especially my ones by my inground worm farm (I am now thinking I might need more). Our cauli and sprouting 🥦  are getting there. And we have lots of cabbages starting to form. I really should do a count of each as i sowed on mass in order to freeze/share. I also sowed a mesculan mix thinking it was just lettuces...but turned out to be lettuce, kale, rocket, spinach etc. I am loving how it looks in the garden with its array of leaves and worth doing for the winter salads. 

So while we sit inside avoiding the elements, our garden has done its thing with a light weed and feed here and there.



Winter Winners