Congratulations to 7-year old Jack Hughes!  

Entries are now closed for the inaugural Budding Young Gardener 2018 competition. Of the 8 regional finalists who competed for the grand prize, Te Atatu Peninsula young green thumb Jack Hughes, has won the overall Budding Young Gardener title.

The Budding Young Gardener competition aims to celebrate a love of gardening and encourage children of all levels of capability to further develop their passion.

Seven year old Jack comes from a long line of gardeners. His great grandfather established an orchard in Henderson in the 1950s, and later a vineyard and orchard in Kumeu; Jack’s grandfather has an expansive vegie garden and father, Mark, is now sowing the seeds of gardening passion with Jack.

“I like gardening with my dad because he teaches me how to grow things. I plant all sorts of fruit and vegetables and love watching them grow. Then I get to eat them. My dad learnt how to garden from my grandad when he was my age,” said Jack.

Mark said Jack’s enthusiasm for gardening started at an early age. “Ever since he could walk, Jack has loved being in the garden. It started with just digging holes but now he regularly plants and tends vegetables. It has been wonderful for encouraging him to eat his greens – everything he grows gets eaten which wouldn’t be the case if we bought a bunch of vegies from the supermarket,” said Mr Hughes.

Jack has a particular bent for beans. “I like growing beanstalks because my name is Jack. They also make a really good jungle to play in.”


Jack has won a Yates hamper, the grand prize of a trip to Australia, and becomes a Yates Ambassador for a year.

The Yates Budding Young Gardener competition will be back next year – sign up to the Yates Garden Club to make sure you don’t miss out on the entry dates.

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