Brighten Gloomy Winter Days


Brighten gloomy winter days by planting some deciduous trees and shrubs that will burst into life this spring.

1. Delightful Dianthus

Yates Dianthus Double Pinks is a delightful dianthus that has masses of sweetly fragrant fringed flowers in shades of pink, red and white. They make a perfect potted flower or a border plant.

In temperate areas, start the seeds off in trays of Yates® Black Magic® Seed Raising Mix and transplant the seedlings into a sunny spot when they are large enough to handle. In cool zones, wait until spring to start sowing.

Once the flower seedlings are around 5cm tall, start feeding with potassium fortified Yates Thrive® Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food, which contains a balanced blend of nutrients to promote healthy leaf growth as well as lots of colourful flowers.

To keep dianthus looking tidy and encourage new growth, trim lightly after each flush of flowers.

Dianthus care tip: Watch out for aphids in amongst the dianthus foliage, which are sap sucking pests that can rapidly deplete the plants and affect plant health. Some regular sprays of Yates® Rose Gun will control aphids, which has a dual action and controls aphids by direct contact and also when they ingest the sap.

Sweet Pea Protection

Sweet peas can be susceptible to powdery mildew, which is a disease that looks like the foliage has been dusted with talcum powder. If left untreated, powdery mildew can decimate sweet peas.

Powdery mildew is easy to control with regular sprays of Yates® Rose Gun, which contains a systemic fungicide which moves around within the plant to kill diseases like powdery mildew.

Winter Garden Gift Ideas

Nothing delights a gardener more than a gorgeous plant. While winter months are here there are still some lovely seasonal options for birthday gifts or simply to brighten up the indoors then plant out into the garden later on.

Hellebores can be found in garden centres in July. Hellebores, also called ‘winter roses’, like their summer counterparts are breathtakingly beautiful as a gift and when combined with a complementary pot create a gorgeous table centrepiece.

Cyclamens in full flower are stunning and will flower for many months. Perfect for a cool, brightly lit windowsill. During flowering, feed hellebores and cyclamens each fortnight with Yates Thrive® Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food, which helps restore the plant’s nutrient reserves.


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