Spring Gardening Tips

Spring Gardening Tips

Spring has finally arrived! We can watch the garden awake from its Winter slumber and have the opportunity to sow and grow so many fabulous plants.


Codling Moth Control

Spring flowers are the trigger for implementing codling moth control measures. Petal fall is the time to act, to prevent the number one pest for apple and pears.

Sow Many Flowers

Spring is a floral spectacular! And while you’re enjoying all the flowering delights, now’s the time to plan for more beautiful blooms in the coming months.

Grow Your Own Salad

Start growing your own cucumbers, lettuce, radish and rocket in September and you’ll be eating home grown salad in no time at all.

Spring Lawn Care Plan

Your lawn will love you if you take just a little time in September to feed it and finish off the weeds. Here are three simple Spring lawn care steps.


Mid-Spring Lawn Pests

During October, two of the biggest spring challenges to a beautiful lawn are destructive grass grub, and unsightly broadleaf weeds.

Perfect Palms

If you’re after a tropical look for your garden then palms are a must. Their long, arching and graceful foliage creates a tall lush backdrop for smaller plants.

Delicious Home-Grown Fruit

Learn how to grow avocados, Feijoa’s and blueberries right at home at your place. Where to plant and how to control pests and diseases.

Mid-Spring Rose Care

Our roses have put on a fabulous flurry of new growth and beautiful blooms. Here's how to keep your roses looking gorgeous for peak flowering season in November.


Summer Fruit!

Delicious and refreshing, Rockmelon has luscious, sweet flavoured fruit that is deliciously versatile while Mango are one of the most delectable fruits around.

Grow Your Own Lemonade!

It takes a brave person to eat a fresh lemon, unless it’s the sweet Kiwi ‘Lemonade’ variety. ‘Lemonade’ trees are great for backyards.

November Colour

November is the time to get planting, so your gardens are full of colour and looking fabulous for the Christmas and New Year's party season.