During cool, humid winter weather, moss can establish itself in shaded areas around the garden; especially in lawns.

Moss growing in lawns competes with the grass and has a detrimental effect on lawn health (as well as looking ugly).

Yates Weed n Feed Mosskiller Fertiliser is a concentrated blend of iron and nitrogen - applied over mossy patches in lawns it quickly burns and kills off the moss. After 2 weeks, the dead moss can be raked away.

The rich nitrogen boost in Yates Weed n Feed Mosskiller Fertiliser will also help feed the lawn and encourage growth. A strong, healthy lawn is better able to resist moss infestations.

For a liquid alternative for a garden sprayer, use Yates Surrender Moss Killer Concentrate.  It's safe to use on your lawns and most hard surfaces, so it's very versatile. This is the one to go for if you have moss or algae on paths, pavers, bricks or the driveway. You can even use it on timber decking to clean up slippery algae!

To reduce the chances of moss returning, aerate the lawn area with a garden fork. Simply push the fork in to at least 10cm and wriggle it back and forth to create larger holes. Do this every 10-15cm, working your way around the whole lawn. It's quite hard work, but it really pays off. Immediately after aerating you can apply gypsum to the lawn, which will help to improve the soil porosity in heavily compacted soils (moss loves compacted soil).

It also helps to reduce shading over the lawn, by trimming overhanging trees and shrubs.

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