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Although Mother’s Day’s one of the busiest days of the year for florists, many of us are on the lookout for a gift that will last longer than a bunch of flowers. So here’s a different idea for a gardening mum: give her a selection of flower seeds that have special meanings. The language of flowers reached its height in Victorian times and a special word – floriography – was coined for this lexicon. Select seeds with care and you can have the fun of telling Mum what they stand for. She, in turn, will enjoy sowing and growing the seeds in the garden.

Suitable varieties, like the following, are available in Yates seed range:

  • Forget Me Not
    As you’d guess from its name, forget me not stands for remembrance but, in flower language, it’s also said to be a symbol of true love. Sow Forget Me Not Little Bluebird seeds this autumn and they’ll come up year after year – which means that every spring mum will have an annual reminder of your love.
  • Pansies
    The old fashioned name for the original pansies was heartsease. This is self-explanatory, but pansies are also said to signify thoughtfulness, making them a perfect choice for Mother’s Day. With modern pansies flowering for months, they’re much more rewarding than their forerunners, the older-style, small-flowered violas. Pansy Imperial Antique has a blend of soft unique colours and Pansy Giant Supreme has large blooms with bright pansy ‘faces’.
  • Nigella
    Perplexity and delicacy are the two words associated with nigella. These seem appropriate as they also adequately describe the complex blooms with their spidery centres, jewel-coloured petals and fern-like foliage. Nigella Love-In-A-Mist has ice white petals, which contrast with rich mascara-like stamens – giving a unique new beauty to an old-world bloom.
  • Baby’s Breath
    The tiny, soft flowers of baby’s breath (Gypsophila) make welcome additions to mixed bouquets. The plants are best placed at the back of a sunny border where they create a foil for stronger blooms and can be picked as required. Scatter Gypsophila Babys Breath where they’re to grow. In flower language, baby’s breath stands for everlasting love.
  • Columbines 
    These pretty flowers, that can be sown now, are probably best avoided as they’re said to stand for foolishness. Mum wouldn’t approve. But if the colourful mix does pique her interest, try Aquilegia Mixed Columbine.

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Forget Me Not 'Little Bluebird'

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A pretty watercolour palette, with velvety blooms that mellow from a rich cranberry rose, to dusky peach, then pastel apricot.

Gypsophila 'Baby's Breath'

Baby’s Breath forms airy clouds of tiny, delicate white flowers massed on fine branching stems. Pretty stems are traditionally added to posies to accentuate more showy flowers.

Nigella 'Love-In-A-Mist'

Pure white petals contrast with rich mascara purple stamens - giving unique new beauty to an Old World bloom.

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