Agrecovery Household Pest Weed

You can't put your pest and garden spray containers in your kerbside recycling - but you can recycle them FOR FREE at drop-off locations in Christchurch and Marlborough!*

Don’t send them to landfill - Agrecovery will take your clean, empty containers and containers with a small amount of residual product leftover.

* This is strictly for households, not commercial operators.

Agrecovery is piloting the programme in Christchurch and the Marlborough region, if you're local, please get behind it to help make the trial a success - we'd love to see this rolled out throughout the country!



• Weed killer
• Insect control
• Fungicides

No aerosols please. These can’t be recycled.


To properly prepare your containers for recycling, try and use up all the product first. Once empty, triple-rinse containers with water, disposing of the rinse water according to manufacturer guidelines.*

Once empty and clean, please remove and dispose of:

• lids/bungs
• metal handles or triggers

If you have leftover, expired or unwanted residual product in your containers that can’t be used up, please keep the lids on and fasten tightly to ensure there is no leaking. These can still be dropped off at the collection sites.


In Christchurch, drop off your containers at any of these EcoDrop sites:

  • EcoDrop Parkhouse 25 Parkhouse Road
  • EcoDrop Metro 40 Metro Place
  • EcoDrop Styx Mill 76 Styx Mill Road

A bin is available specifically for dropping off these products.


In the Marlborough region, drop off your containers at any of these sites:

  • Marlborough Hazardous Waste Centre Wither Road Extension, Blenheim
  • Picton Transfer Station Gravesend Place, near Queen Charlotte Drive
  • Havelock Transfer Station Queen Charlotte Drive, beside Kaituna River

A bin is available specifically for dropping off these products.


Agrecovery is a not-for-profit charitable trust. Alongside their partners, they want to take responsibility for the pest and garden spray containers that are put into the market – to minimise their risks to the environment and recycle the left-over plastic.

*Please wear appropriate protective equipment and follow manufacturer health and safety guidelines when rinsing containers. DO NOT dispose of rinse water where it can contaminate waterways.

For more information, visit, or call 0800 247 326.


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