How To Grow Peace Lily


You can understand why the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), with its attractive, dark green lush foliage and compact habit is considered one of the most popular indoor plants grown in homes and offices.

They’re hardy and low maintenance plants, can help improve indoor air quality and also have beautiful, tall white flowers that can appear throughout the year.

Position: Indoors in a warm spot, away from direct sunlight. Peace Lily will tolerate low levels of light. Peace lily can also be grown outdoors in tropical and sub tropical climates in a sheltered spot with dappled sunlight.
Water: Water the plant regularly so that the potting mix is moist at all times. Reduce watering during the cooler months but the plant will tell you if it is in need of water when its leaves will begin to droop slightly.
Soil: Good quality potting mix
When To Grow: All year round

How To Grow:

Step 1: Choose a warm spot indoors away from direct sunlight.
Step 2: Fill the pot with Yates Premium Potting Mix. as this potting mix contains a wetting agent to keep the soil moist for longer.
Step 3: Remove the plant from the container, gently tease the roots and cut away any circled or tangled roots.
Step 4: Position in hole and backfill with potting mix, gently firming down. Water in well, keeping the water away from the leaves.
Step 5: After the initial water, water regularly to keep the potting mix moist. Reduce the frequency during the winter. Moisture levels can be checked by inserting your finger into the top few cms of mix.
Step 6: Feed every 2 weeks with Yates Thrive Houseplant Liquid Plant Food. during the warmer months to promote strong root development, healthy foliage growth and lots of beautiful flowers. During the winter, fertilise once monthly.

Growing Tips:


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