What are Fairy Rings?

Fairy Rings form a ring of green grass surrounded by an outer ring of dead grass, with puffball or mushroom-like growths appearing occasionally around the ring.  The fungus responsible for fairy rings is very deep in the soil and the only effective cure is to completely remove the turf and soil from the affected area, to a depth of 20cm.


How to protect your plants

Keep lawns well fed and regularly watered. Poor lawn nutrition is a classic contributing factor to fairy rings.

Remove excess thatch by ‘de-thatching’ or scarifying, during autumn. It's done by mowing the lawn at a low level (this can be completed over several mows, lowering the mower at each cut) or very vigorously raking the lawn with a strong rake (sometimes called a thatching rake). Lawn scarifier machines are also available from hire merchants.


Plants impacted

  • Lawn 
  • Turf

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