Yates® Lawn Grub and Porina Kill + Protect delivers excellent preventative control against a large range of lawn pests commonly found in New Zealand. For best results, apply early in the season at the appearance of overwintering adult pests.

The long residual performance Yates® Lawn Grub and Porina Kill + Protect will provide up to 6 months protection at the higher application rates. Control of pest outbreaks later in the season can also be achieved using the higher application rates.


  • Controls Porina Caterpillar, NZ Grass Grub and Black Beetle larvae
  • Easy to apply granular format
  • Powered by Acelepryn® technology
  • 2.5kg pack covers up to 333m2 of lawn
  • 750g shaker bottle covers up to 100m2 of lawn

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