Selective, hormonal weedkiller that controls broadleaf weeds in lawns without harming grass species. Yates Turfix Lawn Weed spray concentrate can be used on a regular basis in spring and/or autumn to help maintain your stunning weed-free lawns, best used when weeds and turf are growing vigorously.

Do not apply if rain is expected within a few hours and avoid treatment following long period of dry weather.

It is simple to use with a simple measuring tool on the side of the bottle. Simply dilute the appropriate amount of Turfix in water and apply evenly over your lawn.

To allow Yates Turfix to work it's magic, avoid mowing for 7 days after treatment. Types of weeds controlled include daisies, clovers, catsear, chickweed, chamomile, docks, thistles, dandelion and Onehunga Weed.


  • Treats 154 square metres of lawn
  • Three way formulation
  • Controls broadleaf weeds without harming grass species
  • Controls daisies, clovers, Onehunga weed, catsear, chickweed, chamomiles, docks, thistles and dandelion

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