Guide On How To Maintain Lawn Sown

Follow our guide on how to maintain a lawn sown by seed.

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Fertilising Lawn

Regular light fertilising during the growing season is better than infrequent, heavy fertilising. Use a correctly balanced fertiliser (such as Yates Lawn Fertiliser). Yates Lawn Fertiliser Granular is a premium granular lawn food designed to give you a strong, green & healthy lawn. The concentrated formula feeds for 12 weeks.  The fine granule formula quickly filters down to the roots and dissolves when watered in, reducing the chance of pets eating the product after application. Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food is an organic fertiliser that gently feeds all lawn types and improves the structure and moisture retention of the soil.

Mowing Lawn

With established lawns, cut warm season grasses to 2.5 cm and cool season grasses 3 to 5 cm. Cut as frequently as possible and remove as little growth as possible.

Never mow grass too low or ‘scalp’ the grass. Grasses need their leaves to make food for the plant and to shade the root system. Remove grass clippings or use a mulching mower.

Watering Lawn

Some lawns require a large amount of watering so, depending on the situation and soil type.

Kikuyu is the most drought tolerant grass. However it is most often used where nothing else will grow, coastal areas, predominately sand or where consistent heat and moisture make it difficult to grow other types.

Yates Tuffgrass is also reasonably drought tolerant. As a rule, cool season grasses (most popular) need consistent moisture, although turf type tall fescue is reasonably drought tolerant once established.

Water in the morning rather than the evening and give thorough less frequent soakings rather than short, frequent waterings. Don’t allow surface runoff.

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