Yates Lawn Fertiliser for New Lawns is designed to give your new lawn the right nutrients to encourage fast establishment of new grass, while feeding for up to 12 weeks.

How does it work?

Formulated specifically for establishing new lawns that need gentle fertilising - so that delicate young grass isn't damaged. Too much fertiliser on a new lawn can shock or harm the grass, or even kill it. Yates Lawn Fertiliser for New Lawns has been developed with the right blend of slow-release nutrients to gently kickstart your lawn.


  • Slow release Nitrogen gives lawn seed a great start, without burning
  • Rich blend of ingredients to boost germination and strong root development
  • Natural seweed biostimulant helps reduce lawn stress
  • Humic acids stimulate beneficial microbes, to boost soil health
  • Iron, Magnesium and trace elements for a deep green colour
  • Natural wetting agent to boost water penetration into soil (limited benefit to heavy clay soils)
  • Methylene urea formula reduces leaching into groundwater

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