Arctotheca calendula


What is Capeweed

Capeweed - also known as Cape Daisy - is an annual which starts appearing from February to about April. It forms a rosette of grey-green succulent leaves and has yellow daisy like flowers with black centres in spring and early summer. Capeweed is similar to many other rosette type of weeds, the only difference being the leaves have white and quite hairy undersides. Capeweed seeds can stay dormant in the soil for several years waiting for the right conditions to germinate.


How to protect your plants

Weeds in the garden can be eliminated if they are prevented from flowering and forming seed. They can be controlled by hand weeding or hoeing when they are small or by spot weeding with a glyphosate herbicide such as Yates Zero Super Concentrate Weedkiller. In most lawns, try Yates Prickle Weedkiller Concentrate

Plants impacted

  • Lawns
  • Turf

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