Is your precious, freshly sown lawn seed getting washed away?

Yates Seed Sealer prevents seed from washing away, even on sloping ground. It's a ready-to-use water-soluble formulation that acts like glue, to bind lawn seed to soil. It also helps retain moisture during the all-important seed germination period. It even provides gentle nutrition to grass seedlings.

If you're sowing a new lawn, Yates Seed Sealer is the 'peace of mind' insurance you need.


  • Soaks into the soil and binds lawn seed and soil together
  • Improves seed-soil contact
  • Perfect for sowing on sloping ground
  • Provides nutrition for grass seedlings
  • Helps maintain moisture in soil and control erosion
  • Covers up to 100m2
  • Easy to apply hose-on format

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