It is best to avoid using ordinary garden soil for use in pots. Some soils can be too heavy and often contain weed seeds. When buying potting mix, look for the premium mixtures, which are suitable for most plants. For specialty plants, like orchids, succulents and cacti, look for specially formulated mixes.

Care with Potting Mix

Legionella longbeachae is a bacteria commonly found soil and potting mix. If it is inhaled, it can cause serious health issues, occasioning in death. To reduce your exposure of inhaling potting mix dust, be sure to follow the manufacturers' warnings present on potting mix labels, including:

• Always wear gloves and a mask when handling potting mix.

• Work in a well-ventilated area. 

• Avoid inhaling dust or mist by wearing a disposable face mask securely covering your nose and mouth. 

• Open the bag carefully and direct the opening away from your face. 

• Keep the product damp to reduce airborne particles such as dust, and avoid creating dust when cleaning up. 

• Wash your hands after handling potting mix or soil, and before eating, drinking or smoking.

• Water gardens, soil mixes and potted plants gently, using a low-pressure hose or watering can. 

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