The Problem

Carrot Rust Fly

Carrot rust fly is a small (to 6mm) shiny, black fly with a reddish head and yellow legs. The cream or white maggot-like carrot rust fly larvae causes damage, first by eating the root hairs of young plants and then burrowing into the carrots or parsnips as they develop. Carrot and parsnips, with their tasty roots, are the crops most likely to be affected, but this pest can also attack related plants like parsley and celery. Flies begin laying eggs next to the host plants in spring. Reduce the chances of attack by rotating crops (don’t plant carrots and parsnips where they’ve been grown for a few years), keeping the area weed free, putting up a barrier (like shadecloth) to deter flies, and by planting carrots with onions which are said to deter the pests.

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