Yates Garden Guide - 79th Edition

Yates Garden Guide - 79th Edition

With more than one million copies sold since it was first published in 1895, Yates Garden Guide is generally acknowledged to be a bestselling New Zealand book.


One of the oldest New Zealand books in continuous publication remains the most comprehensive and practical source of advice for Kiwi gardeners.

The fully revised 79th edition contains everything you need to know about growing trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit.


  • New recommendations for pest and disease control.
  • Updated problem-solving charts.
  • A month-by-month gardening calendar.
  • New hints and tips from some of New Zealand’s top gardeners.
  • A chapter on seeds and seedlings, including tips on thrifty gardening techniques.
  • The organic chapter now has information on keeping chickens.
  • A section on growing microgreens.
  • A new herb planting and growing chart.
  • Establishing a community garden.
  • Beautifully illustrated by top horticultural photographers.

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