Black Magic Seed Raising Mix

Yates Black Magic Seed Raising Mix is specially formulated for trouble-free seed raising and propagation of cuttings.


  • Ideal for raising seeds in trays
  • Suitable for outdoor seed sowing directly into the ground.
  • Includes 8-10 week controlled release fertiliser to provide a safe and balanced supply of all the nutrients young seedlings need to become well established prior to transplanting.
  • Contains fungicide, to protect against common seedling diseases such as pythium and phytophthora.
  • Easy to re-wet and keep evenly moist because it contains a unique wetting agent which allows the mix to absorb water quickly and uniformly, distributing it evenly to the roots.


Fine pumice, controlled release fertiliser and Fongarid® soil fungicide.


Health Warning: This product contains micro-organisms that may be harmful to your health. Avoid breathing dust or mists. Wear particulate mask if dusty. Wear gloves and keep product moist when handling. Wash hands immediately after use. Read detailed warning label on the bag.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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