Yates Thrive Natural Dolomite Lime is a certified input for organic gardening, that contains natural dolomite lime (calcium and magnesium carbonate). It gently raises the pH of acid soils, conditions the soil, improves soil structure and enables plants to access nutrients, as well as supplying calcium for stronger plants and magnesium for healthy leaves.


  • Natural source of essential soil nutrients: supplies a high level of calcium (Ca), a major plant nutrient needed by plants in large amounts for strengthening plant cells, including stems, flowers and fruit. Supplies a high level of magnesium (Mg) which is essential for the production of chlorophyll and maintaining healthy, green leaves. An excellent source of magnesium especially for citrus, roses and tomatoes
  • Natural soil acidity adjuster: naturally raises soil pH to ideal levels boosting plant growth through improved plant nutrient uptake
  • In acidic soils, certain nutrients are ‘locked in’, so the addition of Yates Thrive Natural Garden Lime ‘unlocks’ nutrients that then become available to plants
  • Natural soil conditioner: improves soil structure of heavy (clay) soils and conditions the soil, by stimulating the activity of earthworms and soil microbes. This helps plants to access nutrient s as well as gain greater benefit from other plant fertilisers
  • Naturally boosts the decomposition of soil organic matter improving soil quality and stimulating earthworm and soil microbe activity - good for use in compost bins, garden beds and reducing the build up of lawn thatch
  • Certified by BioGro NZ



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Yates Thrive Natural Garden Lime

A certified input for organic gardening that contains natural lime (calcium carbonate) from Te Kuiti, in the King Country, to adjust soil acidity.