A plant food for lush foliage, flowers and fruit. Developed for use on all garden plants all year round. Sometimes nature needs a helping hand, so Yates have boosted the fish-based plant food with added NPK to ensure strong, lush plant growth and healthy soil.


  • Growth booster
  • A natural source of organic nutrients for strong, healthy plant, flower & fruit growth
  • The inorganic nutrients provide a quick feeding boost and the natural organic ingredients provide a natural growth boost
  • Fish sustainably sourced from the Southern Ocean
  • Contains humates to condition and improve the soil, enabling plants to absorb nutrients faster, while stimulating worm activity to improve soil health
  • Combined with powerful levels of NPK nutrients – specifically for lush foliage, flowers & fruit
  • Contains 100% cold composted fish (think cold pressed olive oil!), a gentle extraction method that preserves more of the delicate plant growth boosting compounds in fish, and retains valuable fish oils
  • It provides plants with essential nutrients for healthy growth, while boosting soil microbe and earthworm activity
  • Dual-action formula feeds through both leaves and roots for fast results
  • Easy application over large areas, no mixing required

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