Yates Nature’s Way Citrus, Vegie & Ornamental Insect Spray is an organically certified pyrethrum and oil combination insecticide, with twin modes of action against garden pests. Made from natural ingredients phyrethrim, from the pyrethrum daisy and canola oil, this formula effectively controls insect pests while also being suitable to use around the family garden. With the addition of Seaweed not only does it kill insects it also boosts plant growth. 

Controls scale, aphids, whitefly, thrips, caterpillars, ants, flies, earwigs and leaf hoppers in indoor and outdoor plants. 

ACVM Registration No. P009281


  • Can be used on indoor or outdoor plants
  • Controls scale, aphids, caterpillars, leafhoppers, mealybug, thrips, whitefly, mites and ants
  • Low-toxic ingredients derived from natural sources – pyrethrum daisy and canola oil
  • BioGro approved for organic gardening
  • Boosted with seaweed to deliver relief from plant stress, and aids recovery from pest and insect damage
  • Ready to use formula, in a handy spray gun
  • One day withholding period – simply wash and eat produce one day after spraying



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