Yates Nature’s Way Natrasoap Vegie Insect Gun is a fast acting broad spectrum insecticide based on natural, low toxic and organic ingredients. It controls by contact action.

ACVM Registration No. P008225


  • Yates Nature’s Way Vegie Insect Gun is based on insecticidal soap, which is made from natural vegetable oils
  • It is effective against soft bodied insects such as whitefly, aphids and mites and can be used on fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants
  • It controls insects by disrupting their cuticle layer, which is a barrier that normally protects insects from damage and water loss
  • Insecticidal soap works via contact action, so it is important to achieve good coverage of the insects themselves, including insects hiding underneath foliage
  • Yates Nature’s Way Vegie Insect Gun is biodegradable, has no residual effect and has a low impact on most hard-bodied beneficial insects such as ladybirds

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