Indoor plants are an easy way to brighten up your living or working environment. But when they don’t get the love they need the greenery and freshness is replaced with a dark and sad looking plant.
Yates Thrive Indoor Liquid Plant food is a complete liquid fertiliser that provides most houseplants with the balanced nutrition they need to produce stronger, healthier foliage and an abundance of vibrant flowers. This fast, dual action formula feeds your plants through both roots and leaves to help encourage healthy growth.

This concentrated formula is simple to use. Dilute the appropriate amount of concentrate and water and apply through a watering can.


  • Minimal effort - easy to measure and mix. 
  • Enriched with potassium for healthier foliage and vibrant flowers
  • Fast, dual action formulation feeds through roots and leaves
  • Specifically formulated for lush, healthier indoor plants
  • Makes up to 150L of plant food, ideal for those with many plants

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