Yates Lawn Fertiliser Granular 12 Week Feed is a premium, granular lawn food designed to give you a strong, green and healthy lawn. The fine granule formula quickly filters down to the roots and dissolves when watered in.

Yates Lawn Fertiliser Granular 12 Week Feed can be used on all types of lawn. A unique balance of slow and fast release nitrogen means one application provides rapid visible results, as well as feeding your lawn continuously over a 12 week period. It promotes a consistently greener, thicker lawn that crowds out weeds and promotes a strong deep, root system. The formula also contains a unique mineral, zeolite, which improves the soil's ability to hold water and nutrients, reducing leaching from the root zone.


  • Visible greening in 7 days
  • Thicker healthier lawns
  • Improves soil structure
  • Long lasting, feeds for 12 weeks
  • Suitable for all lawn types
  • Feeds 125 sqm

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