Yates Zero Weedkiller - Super Concentrate

Yates Zero Weedkiller - Super Concentrate

Setting a new standard in concentrates, Yates Zero Weedkiller is available in a 490g/L Glyphosate – providing a higher yield than standard concentrates.



  • A new standard in concentrates – 490g/L Glyphosate
  • Higher yield – 4-8ml/L water usage rate for common applications compared to Glyphosate 360g/L which uses 10ml/L water
  • Effective in killing some of the toughest woody weeds such as Bamboo and blackberry (higher dosage of application required)
  • Rain fast in two hours
  • Planting in the surrounding area is immediate once the spray is dry
  • Inhibitors to reduce foaming


Contains 490g/litre glyphosate as the isopropylamine salt in the form of a soluble concentrate.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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How to use

How to use

DO NOT spray if rain is likely within 2 hours. DO NOT disturb treated weeds for two weeks (visible symptoms will usually appear in 7-10 days). Repeat treatment after 4 weeks if necessary. Best applied when temperatures are over 10°C. For optimum results on hard to kill weeds, also add Yates Zero Pulse Penetrant (refer to label for directions and rates).

How to apply


Available sizes

  • 200ml
  • 500ml
  • 1L


Safety Data Sheet

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