Yates Vegie Growing Challenge - Previous Winners

2021 was our 12th year of running the Vegie Growing Challenge, and hundreds of gardeners shared their gardening ups and the downs, plus formed great friendships from all over the country.  Below we've listed our fabulous 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 winners. 

The prize winners for 2021:

Main Prize Winners  

  • Jen (Jen)
  • Stacey (Stacey170)
  • Heather (Gardening with the Dillions)

Best Starting Out Gardener :

  • Michelle (Homestead mama)

Best Vegie Growing Challenge Supporter:

  • Ruth (ruGrew)

The Wild Card Prize:

  • Levina (Luvy)


The prize winners for 2020:

Main Prize Winners  

  • Stacey170
  • Simone15nz
  • The flower lady

Best Challenge Overcome:

  • ruGrew

Best Vegie Growing Challenge Supporter:

  • James Mcc

The prize winners for 2019:

Best individual gardener, adult

  • Helen Butler – Canterbury, Helen Butler

Best child gardener, or school gardeners

  • Summer N – Auckland, Summer Ngavavia

Best use of Yates products

  • JamesMcc – Auckland, James Mc Callum

Greatest challenge overcome

  • CarolJane - Waikato, Carol Jane Oates

Spot prize – community spirit 

  • Summer N – Auckland, Summer Ngavavia

 Spot prize - longest bean

  • Honey Bee Wright – Auckland, Felicity Wright

The prize winners for 2018:

Best individual gardener, adult

  • ColletteRedman from Manawatu-Whanganui, Collette Redman 

Best individual gardener, children

  • Connor B from Northland, Connor Burgin 

Best school garden

  • Tuakau's Little Stars – Waikato

Best use of Yates Products

  • Anita Kundu from Auckland, Anita Kundu 

Biggest failure and blogged about it!

  • Simone – Picnics and Paddocks

The prize winners for 2017:

Best Individual - Adult

  • Midlife Gardener, Karen Walker

Best Individual - Child

  • Daisy Cottage Junior, Claire Lockerbie

Best Community

  • Waitaki Community Gardens, Alex Dixon

Best School

  • Tuakau's Little Stars, Sharon Strang

Best Use of Yates Products

  • Collette Redman 

Most Improved Beginner

  • Sweet Pea Homestead, Simone Gentil 

Best Failed Attempt At Growing Vegies

  • Rimu Gully Gardens, Dee Craig